In-church worship for February / March.

The reopening of our church in halves by name over the previous months has been very successful with each Sunday being full to capacity. Given that we cannot predict for the next 3 months how restrictions will be lifted the following decisions have been made by the Select Vestry

February continue in half each Sunday

March continue in half each Sunday

Any changes, if restrictions reduce to 1m or disappear, will be brought into effect on the first Sunday of the next month from the date of change. The announcement of any such changes would be communicated on the Church notice boards, on our Facebook page and on the parish website.


If you would like to engage with worship at our parish please go to Agherton Broadcast page on our website at agherton.com


If you need to contact the office please send an email to:


The Parish Centre is also closed until further notice. 

Please look after yourselves and those around you.