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True & Lively Word Reading Group

True and Lively Words,

          The written word has always been important in Christianity. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been called the Religions of the Book. Of course, the Bible lies at the centre of our faith containing God’s true and lively word and readings from the scriptures form an essential part of Anglican worship. But we should not forget that there is a rich seam to be mined in other great spiritual works of Christian literature which is one of the great treasures of our faith. It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to form a reading group from among those in the parish who would be interested in exploring our faith through the words of some of the great writers of Christian literary classics.


                                    A good place to start would be an exploration of some of CS Lewis’s works                                         which are always thought provoking and faith enriching. Perhaps no better place to                                 start would be ‘The Screwtape Letters’ with their fascinating insights into the battle between good and evil and the insidious nature of temptation. If time allows, we could move on to ‘Mere Christianity’, another Lewis classic. The group has proved successful and we will identify other works and other writers which we might like to explore in subsequent courses.


If you are interested please contact the Parish Office by phone - 028 7083 3277 or email


We meet once a fortnight in the Church Room at the back of the porch in Church.

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