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Back in December 2019 Agherton Parish Church entered into a partnership with FIELDS OF LIFE to drill a well with the objective to enable hundreds of people to have access to clean drinking water. In addition to constructing the well, the funds are also used to support hygiene awareness training for the community, an essential component to help ensure the health benefits of the clean water are fully realised.

As you can imagine, the Covid pandemic has impacted Uganda as well as here.  The drilling rig had only just started up again after the Christmas and New year break, when it had to stop due to Covid imposed lockdown. Thankfully, the drilling team were eventually able to continue their life-saving work of providing clean water to rural communities who have none. As you can imagine, the gift of clean water is more vital in the current circumstances than ever. Your passion and encouragement are greatly valued as we join together to change lives, transform communities and build hope in East Africa.

Thank you for the huge difference you have made in the lives of so many  families. 


The Agherton Parish Church Harvest Appeal of 2019 raised the huge sum of £6500 needed to assist with drilling a well in Kakunyu village in the Namatumba district of Eastern Uganda....

So far the Agherton Harvest Appeal for 2020 has surpassed ALL expectations and stands at £8155 and rising .....


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